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Offering counselling and psychotherapy online

I will be online until further notice . I cover insurances such as Bupa, AXA, Aviva and so on. Please email me on sophieamoni@gmail.com for an initial consultation.

If you are anxious, depressed, stressed and find relationships difficult as a counselling therapist I can support you to work through your issues.

My name is Sophie Amoni (MA , MBACP ( Accred), UKCP reg) , I provide counselling psychotherapy , EMDR , Mindfulness and Compassion to adults and couples .I am committed to providing counselling psychotherapy in a non-judgemental , safe and confidential and warm environment . I am an experienced therapist with many years of helping clients making sense of their emotions and difficulties .I am an LGBTQ+ and Poly friendly psychotherapist . Click here to learn more about me.

I know how important it is to choose the right therapist for you and I hope my website gives you a feel for how I work .If you do have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me on sophieamoni@gmail.com.


Psychotherapy provides a safe, regular, reliable and confidential relationship in which to explore life's problems by understanding and making sense of symptoms and difficulties. Change becomes possible and a range of different choices can be made.

Short-term Counselling

Short term counselling focuses on immediate life concerns, while longer term psychotherapy explores habitual life patterns and tendencies and how the past impacts the present.

A cathartic & life-changing experience

As a counselling therapist my aim is to help you make sense of difficult experiences and life issues. These can be confusing and stop you from having meaningful relationships and a fulfilling life . Emotional trauma and distress are linked to depression and anxiety. Having counselling therapy will allow you to be yourself in a non judgmental environment sometimes for the first time .Counselling therapy can be a cathartic and life changing experience.

What issues can counselling help with?

I work with individuals and couples, people who have difficulties with relationships , depression , anxiety, work and other issues as well as people from different cultural backgrounds POC and sexual diversity including LGBTQ+ and Poly.

I believe that counselling psychotherapy can bring awareness and deep insights into your life and have a lasting impact.

I work on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time with the aim of enabling you to live a life where your past is no longer impacting negatively on the present. This is a space where you can become free to be who you are by knowing and understanding how you have got to be where you are in your life . Confidentiality is a primary concern and the sessions are there for you to feel safe and able to look at any issues that have arisen ( past or present ) . I am used to help people with a wise range of difficulties from unresolved childhood trauma to current difficulties with sexual identity and relationships break down. Please see below for some of the many issues I am experienced in helping clients with:




Relationship problems

Problems with confidence or self-esteem



Problems with addiction


Panic attacks

Grief, loss or bereavement

Work or retirement


HIV, Covid-19, etc.

In French I can help you to deal with issues of identity around being French speaking in London.

Fees & availability

  • Initial Consultation Fee for psychotherapy £110 - Concessions £90
  • Couples: one hour £190 / concessions £150

  • Session fee for individual psychotherapy : £110 Concessions £90
  • Couples one hour £190 Concessions £150

Sessions last for 50 minutes for individuals , 60 minutes for couples.

Days working: Tuesday to Thursday 10 am to 8 pm (last session 7 pm)

I am a Registered health provider with the main insurances including AXA , AVIVA and BUPA etc..

A few low cost day slots are available for low income and couples on low income or if cost is preventing you to access therapy.

More Information

  • I am an LGBTTQQIAAP friendly psychotherapist
  • Courses: I teach mindfulness and compassion on a one to one basis (see Mindfulness page for details)
  • I work with Individuals and couples in English and French

Feel free to call me and leave a message, if I am not available and I will get back to you. You can also email me below.

IFS ( Internal Family System)


IFS posits that the mind is made up of multiple parts, and underlying them is a person's core or true Self. Like members of a family, a person's inner parts can take on extreme roles or subpersonalities. Each part has its own perspective, interests, memories, and viewpoint. A core tenet of IFS is that every part has a positive intent, even if its actions are counterproductive and/or cause dysfunction. There is no need to fight with, coerce, or eliminate parts; the IFS method promotes internal connection and harmony to bring the mind back into balance.

IFS therapy aims to heal wounded parts and restore mental balance. The first step is to access the core Self and then, from there, understand the different parts in order to heal them.

In the IFS model, there are three general types of parts:

  1. Exiles represent psychological trauma, often from childhood, and they carry the pain and fear. Exiles may become isolated from the other parts and polarize the system. Managers and Firefighters try to protect a person's consciousness by preventing the Exiles' pain from coming to awareness.
  2. Managers take on a preemptive, protective role. They influence the way a person interacts with the external world, protecting the person from harm and preventing painful or traumatic experiences from flooding the person's conscious awareness.
  3. Firefighters emerge when Exiles break out and demand attention. They work to divert attention away from the Exile's hurt and shame, which leads to impulsive and/or inappropriate behaviors like overeating, drug use or violence. They can also distract a person from pain by excessively focusing attention on more subtle activities such as overworking or overmedicating.

The internal system

IFS focuses on the relationships between parts and the core Self. The goal of therapy is to create a cooperative and trusting relationship between the Self and each part.

There are three primary types of relationships between parts: protection, polarization, and alliance.

  1. Protection is provided by Managers and Firefighters. They intend to spare Exiles from harm and protect the individual from the Exile's pain.
  2. Polarization occurs between two parts that battle each other to determine how a person feels or behaves in a certain situation. Each part believes that it must act as it does in order to counter the extreme behavior of the other part. IFS has a method for working with polarized parts.
  3. Alliance is formed between two different parts if they're working together to accomplish the same goal.

IFS method

IFS practitioners report a well-defined therapeutic method for individual therapy based on the following principles. In this description, the term "protector" refers to either a manager or firefighter.

  • Parts in extreme roles carry "burdens", which are painful emotions or negative beliefs that they have taken on as a result of past harmful experiences, often in childhood. These burdens are not intrinsic to the part and therefore they can be released or "unburdened" through IFS therapy, allowing the part to assume its natural healthy role.
  • The Self is the agent of psychological healing. Therapists help their clients to access and remain in Self, providing guidance along the way.
  • Protectors usually can't let go of their protective roles and transform until the Exiles they are protecting have been unburdened.
  • There is no attempt to work with Exiles until the client has obtained permission from the Protectors who are protecting it. This allegedly makes the method relatively safe, even in working with traumatized parts.
  • The Self is the natural leader of the internal system. However, because of past harmful incidents or relationships, Protectors have stepped in and taken over for the Self. One Protector after another is activated and takes the lead, causing dysfunctional behavior. Protectors are also frequently in conflict with each other, resulting in internal chaos or stagnation. The aim is for the Protectors to trust the Self and allow it to lead the system, creating internal harmony under its guidance.

The first step is to help the client access the Self. Next, the Self gets to know the Protector(s), its positive intent, and develops a trusting relationship with it. Then, with the Protector's permission, the client accesses the Exile(s) to uncover the childhood incident or relationship which is the source of the burden(s) it carries. The Exile is retrieved from the past situation and guided to release its burdens. Finally, the Protector can then let go of its protective role and assume a healthy one.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me to arrange an initial consultation. There is no commitment at this stage. If you decide you'd like to work with me, we can discuss how the work can be structured , we could contract for a brief period or for open-ended therapy.

I am also happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

I am a Registered health provider counsellor and psychotherapist with the main insurances including AXA, AVIVA and BUPA.

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